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This Friday, Atletico Madrid held an interview for the new player Suarez, but due to the new crown virus, this interview was made public to fans through video.


"A great place like Atletico will help you make a decision. This is a great team. We have excellent players and a competitive team. This is a team that has been fighting for the league championship. Obviously, the fans and coaches here have inspired many players."


"It is the desire of the Atletico players to join me. This is more important than anything else. This team can motivate you with its football, philosophy of life, and the fighting spirit shown in the game. It will make you I feel that I am one with the team. And in subsequent conversations with the coach and club members, I was even more convinced of this."


"I want to make some contribution to the team. Believe it or not, Atletico is an excellent team. In the past, they always competed with Barcelona and Real Madrid in the league. This shows the team's desire Competition. Now I want to do something important for a team that is always hovering around the finals."


"The conversation with the coach inspired me and played a very important role in joining Atletico. You don't need to talk to know some people's football philosophy."


"These are all over. All I need to do now is forget it. I can't stop it from happening, but in the future I will try to maintain a high level to show my best state in the game."


"Those words come from a confidant of mine. He watches me training every day and knows how much enthusiasm I am for my work. This makes me proud, which means I have a good image. No matter who has seen me training, Everyone knows that I want to be more competitive, and being able to join a competitive team is an icing on the cake."


"Players cannot change the team’s football philosophy, and this is one of the motivations for players to adapt to the team with enthusiasm and desire. In my career, I have played for other teams besides Barcelona. It’s totally different from other teams.... You have to get used to these, and what makes me feel at ease is that in the teams I have played in the past, I have adapted to them in the best way. I hope Atletico will not Is an exception."

“球员无法改变球队的足球哲学,这是球员首页满怀热情和渴望适应球队的动机之一。在我的职业生涯中,我为巴塞罗那以外的其他球队效力。这与其他球队完全不同... “您必须习惯这些,而让我感到轻松的是,在过去效力的球队中,我已经以最佳方式适应了他们。我希望马竞不会例外。”

"Everything they say is positive. They have lived here for many years and created stories that left a deep impression on people. They are willing to provide me with all the help I want in Madrid because this is a Nice change, and change is always difficult, but they have always provided me with suggestions, and I am very grateful to them."


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